marcsitkinphotography | Israel 2013 Trip

It's been four years since my last trip to Israel. Then, like now, I went as a volunteer photographer attached to the USA Maccabi team.
It was one of the hardest experiences I've had in my life, requiring very long days, carrying heavy equipment around a foreign country, and dealing with the unexpected on a daily basis. I'm sure that there will be more of the same this year, and I'm also sure that I'll find this to be just as rewarding an experience. I grew a lot on that first trip, and I'm sure that I'll grow even more from this return trip. Israel is a remarkable country, with a long history and although very small, it continues to play a large part in world affairs. To go there is to understand how possible it is to overcome long odds, and form a vibrant, educated and productive society in the midst of hostile countries that are your neighbors. It's truly remarkable.

This page is meant to be a gateway to those photographs for those less interested in my verbal ramblings, and more in my visuals. Either way, enjoy, and consider making a trip yourself to this great country.